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Updated: Apr 1

That we are celebrating one of the coolest cultures around the globe with a new collection Article of African Descent®. First up! The canvas/leather nautical tote.

Why? From slavery, segregation, marginalization, appropriation, to validation. City to city, state to state, and country to country. People of African descent have used music and dance to communicate their joy and pain. As others around the world have revered the language and style of the culture. It's time that we do the same. That is why the Article of African Descent® was created.

All bags are handmade with colors that represent; black (melanin), red (bloodshed), and its rope (strength) for the descendants of Africa.

Effective today, there is a referral program.

How it works: For every 10 referrals who purchase the bag, as a referrer, you will receive a free bag.

For more information about the referral program, text: 215 461 3269. Pre-Order is also available until April 20, 2021. So, please spread the news!

Regina McWhite® Team

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