Ordering Just Got Easier!

Starting April 1, 2020, we are very excited to announce that we will be accepting a new form of payment to service our customers better!

You'll be able to make payments in four monthly installments for higher-priced items over a 30 day period. So the items you've been eyeing over the past few months you don't have to bypass anymore. Now you can buy what you want hassle-free.

There are no hidden fees or finance charges. Everything is on the up and up!

When you check out there will be two options:

1. Pay via Credit Card (payable in full)

2. Installment Plan (payable in 30 days)

After you complete the transaction you will receive an invoice with full details of the new payment option and agreement. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email: customerservice@reginamcwhite.com or phone: +1 484 297 2335. As a matter of fact, we urge you to comment on this blog to help us make your shopping experience special.

We are truly excited! So please take advantage of this opportunity the next time you stop by our website.

Happy Shopping!

Regina McWhite® Team

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