Mental Wealth

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Mental Wealth is mental wellness. It is near and dear to me. I've discovered the importance of it about five years ago but didn't put it into practice until three years ago. I must say it's the best personal investment I've made thus far.

The importance of being mentally well is equally important to be physically fit. As humans, we take on a lot. Life consistently throws curve balls that we're not often prepared for, but we manage to deal with them and then we keep going. But that's not enough, because over time, like everything else, it wears thin. The introduction of stress cultivates ailments that oftentimes causes irreparable damage to our minds and bodies. But you don't have to suffer in silence anymore.

I wrote this piece to share resources that could help you on the path to mental wellness. Now, I'm not a health expert or physical trainer, but I know about life and my journey to finding solutions that led me to the crossroads of thinking and feeling better.

Here's my daily routine that keeps me in-line and in-check before I start my day:

- Prayer (depending upon your religion)

- Twenty-minute yoga session (check for free apps depending upon your mobile device)

- Five - thirty-minute guided meditation (clear out the mind clutter in a quiet space/room)

- Daily affirmations (expressing at least 5 things you're grateful for)

- Self-love (embrace every physical imperfection and run with it!) because this is the best kind of love.

- Journal (write even if it doesn't make sense until it does)

- Always bet on yourself! (that thing you wanted to start, just start it)

Thanks for checking in.

Regina McWhite® Team

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