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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Over the years I've discovered with every accomplishment I was still unfulfilled. It wasn't clear to me why until I traveled abroad. I've traveled to three continents, nine countries, and fourteen cities and had the pleasure of living in one for two years. Throughout that journey, I've discovered that people are people no matter where you go. No matter the country, culture, background or ethnicity. We share the same social issues, love, loss, happiness, and sadness.

Although I haven't quite reached the pinnacle of fulfillment, I had the opportunity to influence the lives of hundreds of women I knew nothing about before entering their country. At that moment, my purpose became crystal clear. Now I understand the true meaning of inclusion, humanity, friendship, and empathy. I shall pray that they'll remember me as I will never forget them.

As we are all experiencing self-quarantine during this time of COVID-19, you can't help but reflect upon your life and the lives of others. As more lives are affected and claimed by the virus, it becomes surreal that this is not an isolated incident but a world pandemic that can touch anyone anywhere and at any time. Utilize this time to evaluate how you may have changed someone else's life. Weigh it against every worry, you've allowed to steal your joy, laughter, and peace and replace it with something positive you've done for someone else. If you haven't, think about the time someone has done something for you and pray it forward.

Please stay safe and healthy!

Regina McWhite® Team

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